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DIPASOL detergente per pannelli e celle solari lt.1
  • DIPASOL detergente per pannelli e celle solari lt.1

DIPASOL detergente per pannelli e celle solari lt.1

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DIPASOL is a specific detergent for the cleaning and detergency of solar panels and cells. Extremely effective, its highly biodegradable composition eliminates the stubborn dirt deposited, such as dust, soot, rust, bird droppings and more, without leaving halos since its formulation makes the surfaces antistatic allowing the residual water to slide off, thus avoiding formation of drops and preventing the formation of limescale. The surface of the panel will obtain maximum efficiency over time.

METHOD OF USE: do not use the product in full sun and in any case check that the panels do not have a temperature higher than 22° C (it is preferable to use it in the early hours of the morning and in the evening). Apply the solution using a sprayer pump or a low pressure sprayer, using a brush or a soft bristle brush to facilitate the cleaning action. Leave to act for a few moments, then rinse and remove with glass squeegees and dry with a soft, dry cloth. In the case of stubborn dirt, repeat the operation by increasing the concentration of the product. Do not use in combination with other products.

DILUTIONS FOR USE: for the first use it is recommended to dilute DIPASOL in water at 50% in case of stubborn dirt and in case of long-term dirt. For ordinary maintenance, use it every 2 months, diluting DIPASOL in water at 25%, but in any case according to the area of residence and the accumulated dirt.