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Made of sturdy plastic, Hygienic Pad Tray is a practical tray for dog hygienic pads, designed to keep the pad in place even when very wet, preventing it from moving when the dog is over it and therefore ensuring maximum hygiene. The pad is kept in place by a practical outer frame and convenient snap closures. The tray also has anti-slip rubber feet to increase its stability. Hygienic Pad Tray is the perfect complement for dog hygienic pads, such as Genico Small or Medium by Ferplast, either at home or at a well-defined place. Perfect for dogs following an operation, for instance, or if your pet is too sick to go out for a walk. Easy to use, it's also perfect to teach your dog how to use a specific spot as his toilet.
Hygienic Pad Tray is available in 2 sizes: Small is suitable for pads measuring 60 x 40 cm (Genico Small), while Medium is perfect for the 60 x 60 ones (Genico Medium).

The Genico hygienic pads are made of ultra absorbent material, perfect to educate your dog to "go" only in the area intended for this purpose. They can also be used by adult dogs when taking them out is not an option, by ill or incontinent dogs, or by female dogs during menstruation.


  • Tray for dog hygienic pads
  • Made of solid plastic, with removable frame
  • Sturdy lateral fixing hooks to keep the pad in place even when wet
  • Helps keep your home clean
  • Easy to use
  • Useful to teach your dog how to use a specific spot as his toilet
  • Anti-slip rubber feet for maximum stability
  • Perfect for Ferplast's Genico line of pads
  • Available in different sizes:
  • Size Small, for Genico Small pads (60 x 40 cm)
  • Size Medium, for Genico Medium pads (60 x 60 cm)

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